Yogurt Fruit Delight Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Summer
Best for lazy weekend.It's easy to make n tasty n as well as healthy also.I saw this in Master chef TV serial n I love the Idea. Many times  I tried at home n today sharing with you :))

Ingredients For Yogurt Delight Recipe

  • 300 gm  hung  curd 
  • 4     tbsp sugar
  • 6     tbsp sauce( chocolate, strawberry or as your choice)
  • 1     cup mix fruit (banana, orange grapes or mango, strawberry, apple)
  • 1     cup mix flakes(honey loop, chocoas)

How To Make Yogurt Delight Recipe
  • Divide the curd in into 2 bowls
  • Mix 4 tbsp sugar in one half and whisk till smooth.
  • Mix  4 spoon sauce in another half and whisk.
  • In another mixing bowl combine all flakes with 2 spoon sauce

To serve spoon about 4 tbsp flakes in sundae glass, top with white yogurt, then add little diced fruit, top with colored yogurt garnish 

with some flakes and fruits.

  • you can repeat the layers if glass looks empty
  • Adjust sugar according to your taste
  • Fruit can use yours choice
  • Instead of sugar can use Honey also.

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