Spring Onion Paratha recipes

Whole What flour
Salt for taste
Roasted Cumin powder 
Chat masala

Chopped green chilies
Black pepper 
Garlic powder
Shredded Carrot

For making dough
Take whole wheat flour in the bowl, add salt and mix
Add water to make it into soft dough like chapati dough
Take 2~3 drops of oil and coat dough with oil.
Rest it for 15~20 mins

For making paratha stuffing

Add spring onion in the bowl and add shredded carrot
Spice it up with roasted cumin powder, chat masala, chopped green chilies, black pepper and Garlic powder and mix
Paratha Stuffing is ready

For making paratha
Take bowl, add some oil and kneed it one more time
Break dough into equal size balls.

Take one of the ball, sprinkle some flour on rolling board and roll it like plain chapati/roti
Put roti directly on slit and cook one side of the roti
Then add stuffing at the centre of the roti. Make sure to keep some sides open to seal its edges
Seal the edges of the roti and flip it and cook it from other side.
Cook remaining side of the paratha and make sure its cooked from all sides
Cut paratha into half and spring onion paratha is ready to serve.

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