Rava idli, masala dosa - South Indian Breakfast

  1. Pressure cooked dal for sambar and potato for masala in a cooker with two separate containers.
  2. Mean while put drumstick for sambar for boiling. Extract tamarind juice.
  3. Then to cutting work. Onion for sambar, potato masala. Tomato for sambar. Ingredients like chilli, carrot, green chilli curry leaves, coriander leaves for rava idli as well as what ever needed for sambar and chutney.
  4. I had coconut ready scrapped so Just ground the chutney and kept aside.
  5. Now on to the stove work. First tempered for coconut chutney, then sambar – by then the cooker was ready  to open.
  6. Prepared sambar, then tempered for rava idli. Lastly masala for masal dosa.
  7. Made rava idli and lastly made dosa when the family ready for breakfast. I made rava idlies with 1/2cup rava and 2 masala dosa each(masala with 1 large potato) . Perfect for a family of 3.
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