Healthy Food Notes

Milano Minestrone soup:

An authentic Italian healthy soup, that makes a meal in itself. As we know that to make a meal balanced we need to have carbs, protein and fat in it, this soup contains everything, Pasta fulfils the carbs portion, Beans fulfils the proteins and olive oil gives best essential fat, plus its tomato based soup having goodness of antioxidant lycopen and fibres and minerals from other veggies. Its quick and easy, yet yummy and nutritious.

Veg Hummus Wrap:
A very simple and very low oil recipe. With goodness of protein from chickpeas & wholesome rotis plus salad can fulfil daily dose of nutrients. This combination makes it a perfect meal in itself. How better you can use your left over rotis to make a yummy & delicious snack. 

Vitamin B1 – Thiamin:

Which vitamin gives you lustrous hair? Good vision, Healthy skin, helps normal functioning of the nervous system as well as the liver? Prevents birth defects in unborn babies? Well, doesn’t sound like it’s a job of one vitamin. It sure isn’t, but it’s the work of group of vitamins which fall under this mighty Vitamin B complex. Once thought to be a single vitamin, this water –soluble component is a group of eight chemically diverse vitamins that often co exists in the same foods. Together they are known as Vitamin B Complex; individually they are named as B1, B2, etc.

Mung Dal Toasties:
How to make some traditional chillas interesting? We can put them in between bread and can make sandwiches, but how about making toast? Crunchy from one side and soft yet crispy on the other side.  If we look at the nutritional value, its a perfect meal in itself, wheat bread is the complex carb and mung dal is a lean protein – the best combination to control fat accumulation and provide energy to body. Plus its a good snacking option for tiffin box and kids will love them too. Lets see how to make it.

Dal Dhokli:

A balance diet is the one, which consist of balanced combination of Complex carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fat and vegetables. One of the complete meal in itself and a yummy pure gujarati dish. Yes it contains dhoklis made up of whole wheat, plus the dholklis are swimming in pool of dal, a lean protein and traditionally potatoes, are added to it making it  a wholesome complete meal in itself. Lets make the yummy dal dhoklis.

Vitamin B5 - the "found everywhere" vitamin:
Do you ever wonder why on an important date does your skin erupt with irritating, very obvious acne? Blaming it on the hormones? No, rather blame it on the lack of B5. This vitamin is also known as Pantothenic acid or anti-stress vitamin as it is important in making hormones & healthy red cells.

Vitamin E-ssential:

Vitamin E aids in formation & functioning of red blood cells, it also helps in the process of blood clotting along with vitamin K. This vitamin helps in repair of the tissues by improving blood circulation & promotes healing.

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