Grilled Prawns In Vodka Sauce
posted by Dinesh Soni 

Prawns (medium),shelled and deveined with tails intact12-16
Vodka lemon flavoured2 tablespoons
Oil2 tablespoons
Butter2 teaspoons
Saltto taste
Red chilli flakes1/2 teaspoon
Brown sugar2 teaspoons
Cornflour/ corn starch mixed in ¼ cup water2 teaspoons
Fresh basil leaves8-10
Heat oil in a non stick pan. Add butter and let it melt.
Add prawns, salt, chilli flakes and sauté.
Halve the lemon and remove seeds.
When the prawns start changing colour, add lemon flavoured vodka, brown sugar and stir.
Add cornstarch mixture and mix well. Tear basil leaves and add.
Squeeze the juice of the lemon and mix well.
Serve hot.

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