Oven French Fries

Though the concept of Oven French Fries may sound little strange to you, you are sure to love it once you prepare it. They are crisp and crunchy and can be savored at any time of the day.


    Cornstarch -1 tablespoon
    Water -2 cups
    Reduced-sodium soy sauce -1 tablespoon
    Medium potatoes, pared and cut into strips -2
    Olive oil -2 teaspoons
    Salt -1/8 teaspoon

Tools Required

Large bowl
Paper towels

Preparation Method

Mix together soy sauce, water and cornstarch in a large bowl and mix till the mixture runs smooth. Stir potatoes. Cover the bowl and chill it for an hour. Now drain the potatoes and dry them on paper towels. Sprinkle them with salt and oil and toss well. Arrange them on a baking sheet smeared with nonstick cooking spray. Bake them at 375 degrees F for around fifteen minutes. Turn the sheet and bake for another twenty minutes till they become golden brown and al dente.

    Serving Suggestions

      Serve with your chosen dip or ketchup.

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