Dahi ali toovar dal


    Onion, thinly sliced- ½ medium
    Sunflower Oil- 1 tbsp
    Cumin Seeds-1 tsp
    Red Chilies - 3-4
    Garlic, minced- 1 tsp
    Salt- to taste
    Turmeric Powder- 1 tsp
    Low Fat Curd- 1½ cup
    Red Chili Powder - ½ tsp
    Toovar Dal- 4 tbsp
    Gram flour- ½ tbsp
    Coriander Powder- ½ tsp
    Garam Masala- ½ tsp
    Coriander Leaves- 1 tbsp

    pyaaj, bareek kata hua-  ½ medium
    tel- 1 tbsp
    Jeera- 1 tsp
    Sukhi Lal Mirch- 3-4
    Lehsun, pisa hua- 1 tsp
    Namak- swad anusar
    Haldi- 1 tsp
    Low Fat dahi- 1½ cup
    Lal Mirch- ½ tsp
    Toovar Dal- 4 tbsp
    Besan- ½ tbsp
    Dhaniya- ½ tsp
    Garam Masala- ½ tsp
    Hara Dhania- 1 tbsp

Preparation Method

Heat oil in a pan.
Put cumin seeds, red chilies and garlic, sauté till it leaves flavor.
Add onion, salt and turmeric powder, sauté for a while.
Take low fat curd, red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala,
Coriander powder and gram flour in a bowl, mix well and make a smooth
Now add toovar dal to the ingredients in pan, cook for a while.
Pour curd mixture into pan and cook with open lid for a while.
Add coriander leaves towards the end, mix well.
Serve immediately.

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