Cilantro French Fries

Cilantro French Fries are easy to make and a refreshing break from the good old French fries. They are hit at parties and get-togethers.


    1 quart cooking oil for frying
    Large potatoes, julienned-3
    Chopped fresh cilantro -3 cups
    Pepper and salt to taste

    Tools Required

    Deep fryer

    Paper towels

Preparation Method

In a deep fryer, heat oil to 185 degrees C. Now put 1/3rd of potatoes in the heated oil and keep frying for at least eight minutes. Now stir almost 1/3rdof cilantro and keep frying for another one minute. Take away from oil and drain them on paper towels. Gently remove any excess cilantro. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the ingredients. Zest it with pepper and salt.

Serving Suggestions

Serve hot, with your favorite dip or ketchup.

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