Chicken Popcorn


    Chicken breast----4 nos(cut into small bite size pieces)
    Refined Flour ----200 gms
    Salt to taste
    Black pepper powder – ½ tsp
    Onion Powder-1 tbsp
    Paprika  -1 tsp
    Curry Powder  1  tbsp
    Egg Whites---4 nos
    Milk—2 Tbsp
    Panko crumbs- 300 g
    Oil to deep fry

Preparation Method

Cut chicken breasts into small pieces and keep aside.
In a bowl , add refined flour, black pepper powder , onion powder, paprika powder, curry powder and salt and mix well.
In a separate bowl , add milk and eggs and whisk well.
Dip the chicken pieces into Flour mix---then into egg mix---then into Pinko crumbs
Repeat the process of dipping into egg mix & crumbing again and gently roll the pieces in your hands like a small ball. – This is Optional
Deep fry the chicken pops till cooked & golden.

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