Chicken Breast----4 Nos(Cut Into Small Bite Size Pieces)

Refined Flour ----200 Gms

Salt To Taste

Black Pepper Powder – ½ Tsp

Onion Powder-1 Tbsp

Paprika  -1 Tsp

Curry Powder  1  Tbsp

Egg Whites---4 Nos

Milk—2 Tbsp

Panko Crumbs- 300 G

Oil To Deep Fry

Preparation Method

Cut Chicken Breasts Into Small Pieces And Keep Aside.

In A Bowl , Add Refined Flour, Black Pepper Powder , Onion Powder, Paprika Powder, Curry Powder And Salt And Mix Well.

In A Separate Bowl , Add Milk And Eggs And Whisk Well.

Dip The Chicken Pieces Into Flour Mix---Then Into Egg Mix---Then Into Pinko Crumbs

Repeat The Process Of Dipping Into Egg Mix & Crumbing Again And Gently Roll The Pieces In Your Hands Like A Small Ball. – This Is Optional

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