Black Forest Miniatures


    Dark sponge, thinly sliced and cut into roundels       ½ cup
    Sugar syrup                                                                           3 tbsp
    Dark chocolate , chopped                                                   ½ cup
    Fresh cream                                                                           ¼ cup
    Whipping cream                                                                   ½ cup
    Chocolate flakes and cherry to garnish
    Cherry compote (to soak sponge)

Preparation Method

For mousse heat cream in a pan and add chocolate to it. Mix till the chocolate dissolves. Keep it aside to cool.
Once the mixture is cooled fold in the whipping cream into it.
Cut a sponge cake into roundels .
In a short glass,  pipe the dark chocolate and cream mixture ;  followed by the sponge soaked in sugar syrup and then cherry compote. Repeat the procedure once till you get the mousse layer on top.
Sprinkle some chocolate flakes on top and cherry on top and serve.

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