Beef Bread Pizza

Beef bread pizza is a delightful combination of beef and vegetables on pizza.


Ingredients for masala -
Beef :- 100 gm
Salt :- To taste
Pepper powder :- ½ tsp
Turmeric powder :-  ½ tsp
Garam masala :- ¼ tsp
Chili powder :- 1 tsp
Onion (chopped) :- 2
Green chilies :- 2
Coriander leaves :- few
Curry leaves :- few
Ginger-garlic (chopped) :- 1 tbsp

Ingredients for pizza -
Bread slices :- 12
Cheese slices :- 3
Tomato :- 1
Carrot :- 1
Capsicum :- 1/2
Cucumber :- 1/4
Egg (well beaten) :- 3
Ghee for cooking

Tools Required

Frying pan
Serving dish

Preparation Method

Preparation Method for masala –
Combine all the masala ingredients and then cook them in a pressure cooker. Allow it to cool.
Blend it in a processor.
Heat little oil in a frying pan and put onion. Fry for about 5 minutes.
Grind chili-ginger- garlic together and prepare a paste. Combine it with onion and stir-fry.
Put turmeric powder, salt, pepper powder and garam masala.
Add coriander and curry leaves.
The masala is prepared.
Preparation Method for pizza –
Cut the slices of bread in a circular shape.
Put the prepared masala in the middle and tenderly press.
Make four pieces of cheese and put one cheese piece on the masala.
Make thin slices of carrots and put on the cheddar.
Cut capsicum, cucumber and tomato into semi circles. Arrange them around the   carrot.
In a frying pan, heat ghee.
Pour little well beaten egg over bread and then put it in the griddle.
Pour little well beaten egg on the other side also and gently fry.
Serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or red chili sauce.

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